What is your Aging IQ?

Everyone, should know how we will age. And if you are far from thinking about aging, like in your 20’s or 30’s, then you should be prepared with facts about what growing older might entail.

I have found a simple booklet with questions that many older adults ask. Like, if my family member has Alzheimer’s Disease, will I get it? Or, when am I too old to drive?

Download the booklet and check out the answers to these questions and many others.



Glen Campbell’s Alzheimer’s Journey

I want to share with you this amazing man’s personal journey. It is a great reminder that with Alzheimer’s people hold onto remnants of their identity, especially music, talents, and those abilities and memories stored in different areas of the brain. Enjoy

Glen Campbell was a country music legend and 5 time Grammy winner was diagnosed with Alzheimer Disease. Glen and his family made a documentary about his journey with Alzheimer’s Disease in 2014 entitled I’ll Be Me. Watch the movie clip.

The soundtrack included Glen Campbell’s last song I’m Not Going to Miss You which one Country Music song of the Year in 2015. It is rip-your-heart out song about the personal reflections of someone battling Alzheimer’s.