What is your Aging IQ?

Everyone, should know how we will age. And if you are far from thinking about aging, like in your 20’s or 30’s, then you should be prepared with facts about what growing older might entail.

I have found a simple booklet with questions that many older adults ask. Like, if my family member has Alzheimer’s Disease, will I get it? Or, when am I too old to drive?

Download the booklet and check out the answers to these questions and many others.



Assessing Pain in Older Adults

Recently Nursing2017 published a 2 part series on pain assessment for older adults.

Assessing pain in nonverbal older adults by Booker and Haedtke (May 2016) addressed the challenge of non-verbal older adults with pain. They emphasized the importance of looking at behaviors for signs of pain.

Assessing pain in verbal older adults by the same authors (February, 2016) discussed important criteria when asking an older adult about pain, such as “use of their terminology”. In my experience older adults use words like “hurts” or “sore” rather than “pain”. Also, they may be challenged to rate their pain.

Both articles are excellent to read. Access the articles through a healthcare/school library OR via subscription to Nursing2017.